Ayer Island Resort & Cottages

Located 25 minutes away from Marina Beach Ancol, Ayer Island is the perfect destination for a vacation. White sandy beaches, with a lush, green trees provide a calm atmosphere for the visitors.

The perfect holiday in a quiet and beautiful sanctuary, where you can enjoy the facilities such as swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball court, and table tennis.

Our floating cottages have a magnificent view overlooking the sea. Very beautiful, comfortable, and allows you to "fishing from the terrace of your own home" 


FM7 Resort Hotel

FM7 Resort Hotel, a four (4) star hotel designed especially for business and leisure purpose that is located around 2 (two) kilometers from SoekarnoHatta International Airport. Free transports are provided for hotel’s guest, please contact our concierge for more information.


FM1 Boutique Hotel

fm3-transit hotel

FM3 Transit Hotel